Friday, November 20, 2009

Inside Adventures

As the weather gets colder (we had snow flurries on Monday!), we have to get more and more creative with our inside activities.  You can only have so many dance parties before they get old.  So, for Cash we caved in and purchased a Johnny Jump Up.  Chad loved playing in one of these back in his day (according to Sue), so naturally we thought Cash would love it.  We also returned our exersaucer to its rightful owner, so the little man needed something to stand in!  Anyhow, he's still perfecting his bounce and getting the hang of it (pun intended).

I love how his little legs look!

Just hanging around

Now as you know, the girls also have their "room time" where they get creative.  Today, I came in to find them sitting like this:

Harper said they were, "watching a movie and eating spaghetti."  I thought, "Awww, how cute.  I must get my camera and take a picture!"  Then I took a closer look.  I said, "Harper, what is that in your mouth?"  She replied, "It's spaghetti, Mom."  To which I said, "Ok, but what IS that spaghetti?"  To which she said, "It's Reese's bow."  What was formerly a cute bow is now spaghetti.

The spaghetti

Sad day for the bow

This was Harper "pausing" the movie


Our final adventure before nap time was creating a Tent City.  Harper loved crawling under all of the blankets, while Reese enjoyed tearing them down.

Blankets and curtains make for a fun afternoon

Loving the tents

Runaway bottom


Tearing down the city

All in all, it was a good day.  I'm thankful that my kids can have fun and be creative in any situation.


  1. SA loves to make a tent city too! Another thing they can do TOGETHER and Nan's house!!! :)

    I love how Harper convinced Reese to get in the chair and pretend to watch a movie. Big sisters can get the little ones to do anything they want. Remember circus of the stars???