Thursday, November 19, 2009

Twilight Moms

*Disclaimer- this post doesn't contain any pictures of the kiddos.  Sorry Grandparents!
So after a tumultuous morning of the dogs running away for an hour, I was finally able to start my morning.  The girls were having room time and I was in desperate need of caffeine.  I finally settled in with my coffee and a mountain of laundry to watch Regis and Kelly.  I was a little bit excited to see that they were having Robert Pattinson on their show today.  

Robert Pattinson
Now, if you've been living under a rock and don't know who he is (ahem, Liz), he is the teen heart-throb and star of the Twilight saga.  If you don't know what the Twilight saga is, then there is nothing I can do for you.  

Anyhow, I digress.  SO, Robert was smoldering and trying to look mysterious when Regis and Kelly drew his attention to a row of women in the audience.  They were TWILIGHT MOMS.  They even had sweet bedazzled shirts similar to this:

I chuckled and thought about how funny it was that these women who were CLEARLY 40 and up were SO dedicated to these books/movies that they had shirts and were squealing like middle school girls!  Then, another thought crept into my mind . . . am I a Twilight Mom?!?!  No, my immediate thought was NO.  I mean, I read these books while I was teaching 6th graders.  I got them for Christmas and read all 4 books within a few days.  No big deal.  I wanted to have my finger on the pulse of my students and what they thought was "cool" literature.  I also used sentences and paragraphs out of these books as writing samples (some were samples of good descriptive writing, and some were samples of BAD writing).  I mean, it was strictly for work, right?

THEN I started thinking about the fact that if I didn't have 3 tots to take care of, I would DEFINITELY be at a midnight showing of New Moon tonight (so I definitely have the mom part).  I also think that Robert Pattinson is somewhat handsome (for a younger man, of course).  I also sort of liked the books (they aren't literary masterpieces or anything).  I also would say that I'm on team Edward (mom, you will have no idea what that means).  I also read all 4 books in a few days.  So, am I a Twilight Mom?!?

I would say to some extent, I might be a mild version of a Twilight Mom.  No, I'm not going to wear a bedazzled shirt of any kind and I'm not going to hang anything with any likeness of any character from the movie in my room.  I will go see the movie and maybe read the books again one day.  I am simply a fan, so don't judge.  Who's with me?  Anyone?


  1. ok, so i know who he is..i just didn't know his name. i haven't read the books and i think i might be scared of the movies. it's ok to be a twilight mom...i liked hsm 1,2,and 3. :)

  2. Of course Liz knows who he is -- give her some credit! And I think you might be a Twilight Mom. I love you anyway.

  3. I AM a Twilight Mom and I'm not afraid to admit it! and I am OF COURSE "in love" with Edward. And YES - i went to the midnight showing of New Moon amusingly enough, with a bunch of other Twilight Moms from church! One of the ladies rented one of the rooms at the theater just for us! ROFL I came across your post whilst searching the net for one of those "bedazzled" Twilight Mom shirts and just had to comment. Yes, it is silly. Yes, I am 40 and Yes I'm a mom - but hey - we mom's have to stay young to keep up with our kids right? What better way than to jump into that silver Volvo and hang on for the ride!