Monday, November 9, 2009

Our New BFF's

I'm so thankful for Young Life.  When we moved to Manhattan, we immediately had built in best friends.  Our Young Life leaders are at our house several nights a week (which makes me clean the house more often).  They love on my children, they bring me Sonic, they help me cook, they make me laugh, the loan me Gilmore Girls DVD's, they watch Oprah with me, they keep me up to date on pop culture, and they make me feel OLD!  I FEEL like college was yesterday, but the reality of things is that we are OLD!  Here are some photos of our new BFF's.

The whole gang at our fall leader retreat

Yes, that is Cash with Sydney and Cameron.  No, they don't always dress like that.

Young Life Banquet

Some of our wonderful committee members after the banquet

The Leadership Team (minus a few).  This crew comes to our house every Wednesday night.

Sydney's surprise birthday party (1 of 2 that night)

Tacky Ice Cream Social 2009

We LOVE you guys!  Thanks for welcoming us into the YL fam!


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