Thursday, November 12, 2009

Come And Get It!

Here's an average day of meals at the Green house.

LUNCH: The girls were dancing around in the den and waving hand towels around.  Why, you ask?  Who knows.  BUT, Harper quickly suggested that they sit on their towels and have a picnic lunch in the den.  Great idea, Harper!  Anything to spice up our daily routine is welcomed.  SO, here's our fabulous quesadilla picnic!

Reese has learned how to say "cheeeeeeeese" for the camera

Harper showing off her gourmet quesadilla

As long as this child has food, she's happy

Boomer and Winston anxiously awaited a single crumb

Cash got in on the action. . . the girls LOVE to rub his head

Baby communication is great



The whole picnic gang

DINNER:  Here's the scenario- Chad is coming home late, I needed to go to the grocery store two days ago, and little girls get GRUMPY when they are hungry.  The answer?  PANCAKES and POPSICLES.  Enough said.

They had blueberries in them, so they were a tiny bit healthy, right?

Popsicles are also made of fruit, right?

Sometimes, you just have to live a little.


  1. oh oh oh! i love love love your kids! i mean, seriously, could reese be any cuter? we had pancakes and fruit tonight too. john is still at work..yep it's 8:20. i love that boomer and winston didn't eat their lunches. jack would have had them in his belly before you even turned around. too, too cute!!!!

  2. what an adventure of life... that was a fun day!!! I love those babies. Nan

  3. I know Chad once told me never to say this but I have the cutest grandchildren ever! I once told him to remember that when he picked a wife to remember she would need to be a great mother. He listens better than me! Gram