Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Harper has long been obsessed with her little princess shoes, which she refers to as "fancies".  It feels like we own about 273 pairs of these shoes.  I also recall days of squeezing my feet into similar tiny shoes when I was younger.  Today Harper decided to teach Reese how to work the fancy shoes.  Reese was a natural.  Harper was strutting so hard that she ended up with a blister.  It's tough being sassy.

"Ok, Reese.  Put this one on your left foot."

Harper has worked with the posing a bit more than Reese


Love it

Reese is a little ham!

Happy Wednesday from our fancy world to yours!

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  1. i love seeing her in sa's clothes! the shoe pictures are too cute. i especially like reese with the jeans rolled up and her belly sticking out.