Friday, November 6, 2009

Room Time

Every day the girls have 1 hour of "room time" where they must play in their room together.  This is usually time for me to do laundry, drink coffee, pay bills, drink coffee, do dishes, and drink coffee.  They usually drag out every single toy and book, but it's OK because they are in their room and playing nicely.  When room time ended today, I went in their room to find them.

I looked by the window,

I looked under the bed,

and then the closet door slowly opened . . .

to reveal two little girls and LOTS of toys.

They were happy, so I was happy.

Harper wasn't so happy when it was time to clean up!

I love my creative girlies!

1 comment:

  1. It's 6:30pm on Friday night and I am still at work! It's been a long hard day for this seasoned nurse. But I thought I would check THE blog before leaving to go home. You made my day Sarah with ROOM TIME. I love my grandchildren!!!!!!!!! Gram