Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Pictorial

The girls loved Halloween. I knew Harper would, but didn't know what Reese would think. She was strutting down the street with the best of them! Harper was Snow White (her latest obsession) and Reese was Tinkerbell. We went with our friends Cory and Derek, their little cowboy Will, and bear Wes. We just did the good ole fashioned door-to-door thing and it was great. The weather was perfect and the girls came away with some great loot. Here are the photos- I know that's why you all come here anyway!

Don't they look so sweet?

In reality, Reese is trying to escape from Harper here!

Ready for CANDY!

One of my favorite photos of the night.

Posing, once again

She was holding up her dress like Snow White does in the movie

Scaredy Cash

He just went as his smiley self

The girls with Cowboy Will

They LOVED their glow wands- thanks Nan!

I LOVE this picture

Reese's wings

Loading up on candy

"Hustle up, Mom!"


Thanks to a wonderful Young Life leader (Laura Wetzel), I carved my first EVER pumpkin.  Why did I live such a deprived childhood?!  I did the one with the stars.  Pretty good for my first attempt!

It was such a fun night and the girls were totally exhausted from all of the festivities.  Hopefully the photos made you feel like you were there too!


  1. THANKS for the pictures! It did make me feel like I was there. Papa said he wished he was there several times. Looked like great fun! Sarah I'm so impressed with your pumpkin carving!!!

  2. Look at those sweet things! I love their little shoes.

  3. How adorable! Thay are so precious! I am so glad you guys are doing so well and enjoying the beautiful autumn wheather - sometimes I miss it myself. Thanks for keeping us posted.