Thursday, November 5, 2009

Purple Party

Although it was back in September, I thought some of you (Liz) might want to see some pics from Harper's 3rd Birthday.  It was really a celebration all week long!  When I asked Harper what type of party she wanted, she was adamant about having a PURPLE party.  She also requested that everyone coming to her party wore purple as well.  Seeing that KSU's colors are purple and silver, that wasn't a problem!  We partied at one of the many parks here in Manhattan.  All of her grandparents came, as well as Uncle Blake and her FAVORITE cousin Sarah Ann.  Lots of our new Young Life friends came to make the party so perfect.  It was SUCH a fun weekend and I literally can't believe my little girl is 3.  She is SO curious, social, talkative, and goofy.  She loves to make you laugh and she definitely enjoys bossing Reese and Cash around.  She is our little purple princess!

On Harper's actual birthday, we started the day with donuts

We also had a surprise party that day

Several of our awesome Young Life leaders were waiting at our house for the big surprise.  Harper's reaction was PRICELESS!

Chad bringing in the funfetti cake.  What's a birthday without funfetti?

Our little party set-up.  The picture in the frame is from Harper's first birthday

As soon as Harper's grandparents arrived on Saturday, it was PRESENT TIME

Some of her favorite gifts were Barbies, a My Little Pony, and a little polly pocket Snow White

Sarah Ann came with Nan and Pops to enjoy the weekend

Purple Party Day!

My girls ready to party in purple!

They are only about 1 year apart, but Sarah Ann towers over Harper!

Jumping for joy

Harper's cake
(Pops- what would I do without you?)

Purple Cupcakes

The spread

The goodie bags

The Cash

Ready to blow out the candle

She did this completely unprompted by anyone!

LOVING the cake!

Papa helping Reese with her cupcake

Some of our party-goers

Reese spent about 2 hours in this swing and still wasn't ready to leave!

Gram helping Harper

Sweet cousins

The Birthday Girl!

I LOVE this photo of Will with his balloon

After the party, Chad and I took Harper and Sarah Ann to the splash park.  They couldn't BELIEVE that they were able to play in the water in their clothes!  They were hilarious.

They LOVED the COLD water


Don't you love their faces?

Sarah Ann was drinking the water

After the splash pad, they played on the playground.  This thing spins around and it is MY favorite thing to play on at the park.  After the park, we took these two to the candy store.  They were in complete awe of all the candy.

They closed out their BUSY day with a movie.

The adults closed out THEIR day with Guitar Hero.  Nan, you were a trooper!

Nan loves Guitar Hero.

It was an AMAZING Birth-week for Harper and we LOVED having family and friends here to celebrate.  We are so thankful to have people who love our kids so extravagantly.



  1. I love all the purple! And, as usual, your mom is awesome.

  2. Sarah my birthday is May 15th when should we start planning my birthday week!