Tuesday, December 1, 2009


When Chad and I were engaged, we set into motion the "Holiday Schedule".  Although it didn't happen one year, we have made every effort to stick to our schedule.  We alternate Thanksgiving and Christmas each year for each family.  This year we spent Thanksgiving in Tulsa with the Greens/Laughlins and we will spend Christmas in Memphis with the Bryans/Camerons (and all of my high school friends that I have missed so dearly!).  Since we will not see the Laughlins again, we went ahead and celebrated Christmas with them as well.  It was a joyous Thanks-mas and here are the many photos to prove it!

Before we left on Monday night, I was trying to pack (it's not an easy task to pack two adults and three tots) and I just let the girls tear our den to bits.  Harper said it was a "park".  They were having fun and it kept them busy for quite a while.

I love the look of pure joy on Reese's face!

Harper being sassy

Oh, the faces of this girl!

The kids slept great in the car and woke up in Tulsa the next morning!  PJ's and a movie were an appropriate morning activity.

Reese spending some quality time with Papa and Hank

We received these fun shirts from Nan.  A friend of our family has a great little business that makes these cute shirts.  This is the only decent picture of all three of our little turkeys!


Tilly enjoyed the girls' new chair

The cooking began early on Thursday- here Craig, Blake, and Sarah Laughlin are making the noodles.

Busy Bees

I used these honey crisp apples to make . . .

. . . THIS apple crisp.  I was proud of my contribution.

This was a BUSY place on Thanksgiving Day.

Preparing for the feast!

Harper was killing some time before the big meal.

Mmmmmm.  Just some of the spread

Our best attempt at a family pic

Harper made sure that EVERYONE saw her "bear bottom"

Now to start the Christmas portion of our day- Blake played Santa

Can you tell that she's a little bit excited?

Reese was clapping for joy!  Yay for Thanks-mas!

Vicki, Sarah, Cash, and Sue enjoying Thanks-mas

We played "pass the Cash" all weekend long.  Craig and Katie were trying to teach him to say "Hook 'Em Horns!"

Harper waited SO patiently until it was her turn.  She looks so anxious!

We closed out the day with a Thanks-mas funfetti cake.  What is Thanks-mas without funfetti?

Obviously Reese enjoyed it

All in all, it was a wonderful week.  We feel so grateful for such wonderful and loving family members!  Next stop, Nan and Pop's house!  Merry Thanks-mas!

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  1. it was indeed joyous!thanks for the pics! Gram