Friday, December 4, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside

It's 33 degrees right now, to be exact!  I'll be the first to admit that I LOOOOOOVE cold weather, but my body is NOT accustomed to it just yet.  Anyhow, it may be cold outside, but thanks to the generosity of Gram, Papa, and the Laughlins, we are staying warm AND super cute!  Here's proof:

Our new flannel Christmas "jommies" are keeping us NICE and warm.


Winston sitting still for Reese to pet him?  Now THAT'S a Christmas miracle!

Just call her Rainbow Bright

Sassy Lady

Harper is pretending to take a picture with her pretend phone- and we used to pretend to play "banker" with my mom's old checks.  Kids today.

LOVE this little skirt!

What photo should would be complete without a DANCE PARTY!
Not sure if you knew, but Harper is actually doing the "Stanky Leg" here.

Reesey is gettin LOW

Yesterday, they kept it real in their fleece hoods, ya'll.

Oh my word- I love that face!

He may not be sporting the latest fashion, but he is pretty darn cute.

While the kiddos have been keeping warm in their oh-so-cute clothes, Chad and I have been keeping warm with THIS:

Life. Changing.
This little beauty is AMAZING.  When it's 16 degrees at night, it's nice to get into a pre-heated bed.  Seriously, best sleep ever.

So, we are staying warm (I know, winter has just begun) and looking forward to our first snow (possibly on Sunday!).  We hope these warm wishes find you well!


  1. OMG. Do you not have the cutest kids. How the heck do you get each one of them dressed up so cute everyday? My family is lucky if I get out of my PJs. haha! Cash is adorable, I love that smile too!

  2. tell my grandkiddos they made Grams day! They are too cute. Don't you think Cash is looking like Bill in those smiley pics!

  3. Cash is definitely a little Bill in those pictures! So cute!! I love Harper's Punky Brewster outfit and I just can not WAIT to get my hands on Reese and her chunky little legs! Love, Love, Love them!!!

  4. I have the cutest Green grandbabies in the world!!! Cash, you melt my heart buddy... can hardly wait to see all the Green's