Thursday, December 10, 2009

Everything is Prettier in the Snow!

Even our tiny little rental house looks cuter with a blanket of snow on it!  I couldn't be happier about the LOVELY 10 inches (or so) of powdery white goodness that we received on Monday/Tuesday.  It really made things so festive and my kids finally saw REAL snow for the first time.  You better believe that the photo opportunity was seized!  I do have one little disclaimer- we were NOT prepared for such snow.  I let the girls go out to play in the morning in rain galoshes and cowboy boots.  I sent Chad to Home Depot for a shovel and a doormat.  Thankfully, he made a Target run for snow boots and bibs for the girls as well.  What a GREAT dad!  Here is everyone enjoying all of the wonders of snow.

This is the view from our driveway

Reese was unsure

Harper LOVED every minute of it

Notice the footwear- not conducive to snow

Ahhh!  It's cold!

Reese was kind of like the younger brother in "A Christmas Story"

Better equipped for the elements

"You ready to do this, kid?"

It snowed ALL day long on Tuesday

Snow Angel

SO happy to be SO cold

Notice the little snow baby down there.  Love this shot!

Reese was offering Chad a bite of snow

She was pretty content to stand in one spot and eat the snow

Our home

Our street- before the snow plows came through at 5:00 am on Wednesday!

Harper loved to throw the snow AND have it thrown at her

Happy Girls

Cash DID venture out in the snow for a bit, but this was the only shot I got of him in his snow garb.  You can still see a few flakes on his hood.

Those rosy cheeks are the aftermath of taking face-plants into the snow

The dogs are still not so sure about all of this.

So, we definitely LOVED our first real snow in Manhattan.  Now, come March when there is STILL snow on the ground, it may be a different story.  Brrrrrrrrr!


  1. I love them in their little snow outfits! And I love Winston's beard covered in snow. The pictures are so pretty. I love a good snow...for a day or two. :)

  2. I think that is Lilly's old snow coat on Reese!!! And the cowboy boots. That makes me smile more than you could ever imagine!!