Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things 4.0

I guess it's that time again friends!  A few of you mentioned that you tried the coffee creamer or downloaded the christmas CD from my last post.  Awww, you guys really read this?  That makes my day!  Anyhow, hopefully my new faves will inspire you as well.  Let's get this party started!

Keeping in the holiday music spirit, this album is another great listen.  Drew is actually a friend from high school and I can't say enough great things about this album.  I promise I would not lead you astray.  Download it on itunes (and get their new EP while you're at it!), plug in the ipod, sip some hot chocolate, and enjoy.  That's what I do.

These cute little numbers are another holiday must have.  Every southern little girl (even if my southern girls are actually going to be midwestern girls) needs a monogrammed dress!  Nan snatched these up (with help from Liz and Etsy) for all of the Green/Cameron girls.  Won't they look so cute when they sit on Santa's lap for their annual picture?

In completely unrelated news, I am in LOVE with my new hair straightener.  Thanks to some family connections, it was free!  I am not kidding when I say it has changed my life.  Literally. . . well maybe my hair's life at least.  Along with the chi, I now use Living Proof's "No Frizz" product.  It. Is. Miraculous.  Thanks goes to Chad's mom for bringing this jewel into my life.  So, enough about hair.

As I previously mentioned, we are keeping warm with our heated mattress pad.  Now, add the softest sheets in the WORLD to that equation, and you have a heavenly bed.  I'm speaking of Pure Beech jersey knit sheets.  I don't even have words to describe these sheets.  They are unlike ANY jersey sheets I have ever felt in my lifetime.  Bed, Bath, and Beyond should hire me to speak on behalf of these sheets.  You've NEVER felt softer sheets- I'm not kidding here, people!  Buy these sheets as a Christmas gift to yourself.

And finally, my favorite thing about this summer (although it seems far away right now) is that we will be spending a month of our summer looking at all of this!  One of the MAJOR blessings of Chad's job is that we get to go on assignment at some of the most spectacular properties in the country.  We just found out that we will be spending part of June/July at Crooked Creek Ranch in Winter Park.  I LOVE this camp and know it has seen major changes since my sister and I worked there in the summer of 2000 (um, that's 10 years ago- yikes!).  We can't wait for our kids to experience a month of YL camp too.  We'll send you a postcard.

So, enjoy my current faves, and I hope your holiday season is full of your favorite things as well.


  1. CCR..what a transformation! I love your favorite things. Now that Oprah is going away, I'll just have to rely on you.

  2. Merry Christmas Blog Background!!!!!

    J & I need to put on the Neighborly Christmas cd around the house!!