Thursday, August 13, 2009

Insert Obligatory Wizard of Oz Allusion Here

We ARE still alive and we ARE loving life in Manhattan, KS! I promise that I have not forgotten about you beloved blog readers (all both of you!) and I assure you that I will return (with pics of kids). The Green family does not currently have internet access, so finding time to escape the tots and update this blog elsewhere can be tricky. Rest assured that I will make it happen though. I will leave you with 5 reasons why I love Manhattan, KS:

1- The Chef Cafe: Fab little breakfast place where I'm pretty sure they lace their food with drugs that make you CRAVE it continually. Stacked french toast. Enough said.

2- Babysitters: as I envisioned, we have a plethora of AMAZING college friends to choose from when searching for a baby sitter.

3- Weather: I know it has been unseasonably cool here, but we have had some INCREDIBLE weather, including today! This weekend our lows are in the 50's!

4- Parks: This town has plenty of parks and I have plenty of active little girls to make use of the parks.

5- Sonic: I can't get enough. I feel like I might have a slight addiction. They are building a new one about 0.4 mi. from our house. Try to new Classic Limeaid Chiller- it tastes like a piece of Keylime Pie!

I will be back folks- please don't give up on me!