Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Current Events

No, we are not CNN over here at the Green house, but there are still PLENTY of current events.  Here is my photo essay entitled "What the Heck We've Been Doing Lately".  Enjoy!

Harper has diligently learned her letters!

We've FINALLY been able to head back to the parks to enjoy the warm(ish) weather.  Doesn't Cash look THRILLED about this picture?!

We are also learning to get-along with each other. . . this is still a work in progress.

Harper is applying for a job at Outdoors, Inc.

We put away our winter clothes and happily replaced them with our summer clothes!  I know, this is a bit ridiculous.  Between our 6 kids (Greens/Camerons), we have seriously accumulated some clothes.

We went on an organizing spree and our medicine cabinet couldn't be happier.

Cash loves chillin at the park and checkin out the ladies.

We've spent some good, quality time with our grands!

We finally finished eating all of our Easter candy.

We visited Children's Mercy Hospital in KC to have Cash's birthmark inspected- how cute is he in a hospital gown?!?

We've had a few picnics!

We've soaked up a few rays.  Thank goodness for sunshine!

We've exercised our artistic ability through sidewalk chalk.

We've been TRAVELING a TON!

NYC was our most recent adventure- how amazing is that view?!

We've even learned to CRAWL!

Our lives may be hectic, but we are loving every minute of it.  Watch for our next installment of Current Events!
**Most photos captured using an iPhone- we apologize for their quality.