Monday, July 20, 2009

Jerry's Sno Cones and Carwash

I remember my first trip to Jerry's with our entire English class. Coach Collums had told us tales about this fine establishment all year long. In the spring, we ventured to Jerry's and had an adventure.

This weekend was definitely a sad one for the E.C.S. faculty, students, and alumni. A WONDERFUL teacher, an admirable Headmaster, and an all around great man suddenly passed away. Coach Collums was an absolute INSPIRATION. Whether he was playing Simon and Garfunkel records for us, standing on a desk with his pant leg pulled up, coaching our 9th grade basketball team, or taking us on a field trip to Jerry's Sno Cone and Carwash, he did EVERYTHING with passion, integrity, creativity, and love.

He is "that teacher" for me. You know how you can just think of that one teacher who kind of changed your life in some way? He is the one teacher that impacted my high school experience in such a way that I still have some of the writings that I did in his class. I still remember the crackly sound of his record player. I can still recall his enthusiasm and intensity, but his gentleness as well.

I recently wrote in a letter to a potential employer that this certain teacher that I had in highschool really shaped and inspired some of my teaching practices. I only hope that I can do the same for my students, and that I exude the passion for education that Coach Collums exhibited.

Simon and Garfunkel
"Never Say Goodbye"

We share the days of laughter
We share the nights of sorrow
And in the morning after
We face the bright tomorrow
Side by side we'll always stand
Spirits flying high
Long as I can hold your hand
We'll never say goodbye.

We walk the halls of learning
And serve a proud tradition
The flame of truth is burning
To clarify our vision
Look at how the future gleams
Gold against the sky!
Long as I can share your dreams
We'll never say goodbye

Monday, July 13, 2009

Curly Q

Oh, the joys of having curly hair! This is what my little Harper looks like when she wakes up in the morning or from her nap. Her head of hair is like a bird's nest! She calls it her "crazy hair" and I absolutely LOVE it! The more humidity in the air, the wilder the child's hair gets. It is fun and we have pretty much figured out how to tame it. It takes a bit of water and a good comb and seems to bounce right back into place. I'm hoping that we can avoid any awkward stage of photos where we try to make it straight, but it is just a frizzy poof. Curly-headed folk, you know the photos I speak of! All I know is that I sure hope these sweet curls stick around!

**Disclaimer- photos were taken on my phone- please excuse their quality!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Few of my Favorite Things 2.0

I know that MOST of my readers are just stopping in to see pics of Cash or the girls (ahem, Mom and Dad), so of course I'll start this post with a cute pic of the little man with his eyes open. It's kind of a rarity- the kiddo likes to sleep. Anyhow, I have a few more faves that I wanted to share. The first of which is pictured below.

This is the Kiddopotamus SwaddleMe swaddling device. It. Is. Incredible. If you are having a baby or know someone who is, you need one of these (or 2- for those middle of the night messes). I'm just disappointed that we only discovered this invention for our 3rd (and final) babe.

I must give Chad credit for this next find. He spotted these like a hawk at Target one day. They were a bit pricey, but imagine our surprise when we found them on SALE! I must say that the container is a bit small. We only wish they sold these at Sam's or Costco! Just try them and you will love them. They remind me of a pastry that we sold at the Gift Horse/La Baguette back in my high school working days. Delish.

OK, OK, OK- I will start by saying that this series is NO West Wing (our FAVE TV show to watch straight through on DVD) or anything. It's also not really a show that my mom or dad would like/approve of. It IS mindless entertainment that passes the time when you don't have cable. We have blazed through the first 4 seasons on DVD and have thoroughly enjoyed this show. I know we are late to the party since this show has been winning Emmy awards and Golden Globes for years, but we DEFINITELY love the characters and their antics.

This last one may be a BIT confusing. No, I'm not converting to a KSU fan or anything, but I am a BIG fan of our new hometown of MANHATTAN, KS- home of Kansas State University. We are only a couple of weeks away from the big move, and I'm getting really excited. Let me share some reasons WHY Manhattan, KS is one of my favorite things:

1- Target- enough said.

2- College Town- fun food, shops, and LOTS of babysitters available! Not to mention, things will actually stay open past 6:00 pm. THAT will be a novel idea for us.

3- Scenery- Manhattan is located in the Flint Hills- this is the ONLY part of Kansas that is NOT flat as far as the eye can see. It is actually QUITE beautiful and reminds me a bit of Birmingham.

4- Hometown of the late Earl Woods, father of Tiger Woods. I guess this is more of a fun fact that my husband enjoys.

So anyhow, those are some of my FAVORITE things at for the moment. Keep checking back for some new pics of the girls and of course baby Cash. He is a delight and EVERYONE (especially Harper) is smitten with him.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Belated / Beforehand

Windy Gap- 2007

Since things have been a BIT crazy around here lately, I do have a very important BELATED message. I couldn't let the month get away without wishing my dear husband a Happy 5th Anniversary. On July 3rd, we celebrated 5 years of marriage. We have accomplished quite a bit in 5 years, but these are a few things that jumped out at me:
  • We've acquired 3 dogs (Boomer, Winston, and Maggie)
  • We've acquired 3 kids (Harper, Reese, and Cash)
  • We've had 6 different cars (Explorer, Passat, Grand Marquis, Freestyle, Titan, Land Cruiser)
  • We've had 3 different cell phone numbers (Oh, I hate to change my cell number!)
  • We've driven over 8,000 miles to visit family on holidays ALONE!
  • We've had TONS of fun and I can't wait for 55 more amazing years.
Tulsa- 2005

Disney World- 2006

July 3, 2004

I love you Chad Green!

ALSO, since tomorrow is the birthday of my favorite neice in the whole world, I wanted to pay a little tribute to her BEFOREHAND!

July 8, 2005

Sarah Ann, I remember seeing you in the hospital 4 years ago and IMMEDIATELY falling in love with you! You are such a spunky little girl and I'm always dying to hear what funny thing you've said for the day. You have a sweet spirit and a creativity all your own. I wish we could see you more often, but know that we love you to bits! Happy Birthday SAC!

EVERYONE looks so young in this picture!
Memphis- October, 2005

July 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Princess!

Friday, July 3, 2009

He's Here!

Miller "Cash" Green
8 lbs. 10 oz.
21 1/2 inches
June 29, 2009
5:24 p.m.

WARNING: This post contains an absurd amount of photos, and this is only the beginning!

I know there are several folks out there who are just dying to see pics of baby Cash. I'll mainly stick to that in this post, although there are pics galore of the girls and all of the fun they are having with their grands. Everything went great on Monday. Although we started things around 9:00 am with the induction, nothing really happened until around 3:00 pm. I received the epidural, had my doctor break my water, and about 2 hours later, Cash was here! He seems pretty predictable right now, and we are just enjoying life at home with tons of help! We will be sad to see everyone leave after the weekend.

Cash and Aunt Liz. She was the chef extraordinaire this week. Liz, we can't thank you ENOUGH!

Cash and his happy grandmothers.

Cash with his Papa

The Laughlins took time out of the beach trip to come meet Cash and see the girls.
Harper, Sarah, Reese, and Katie

Sweet Face!

Finally at home with his sisters- he's not sure what to think

Harper is TOTALLY in love with her new brother!

She even held him all by herself

Harper has also been a good helper with Reese

Checking in on him

I'm pretty sure Reese thinks he's a baby doll

Enjoying some time with Pops

Sweet feet! He kind of has monkey toes- hopefully he'll grow into them!

Well, more pics will be coming soon. Hopefully these will tide you over!