Saturday, October 31, 2009

Little Apple Autumn

In case you did not know anything, Manhattan (Kansas) is nicknamed the "Little Apple".  Cute, right?  So we have been LOVING autumn here.  The weather has been crisp, the trees have been every gorgeous fall color, and who doesn't love having pumpkins all around to decorate?  This is something we really never experienced in lower Alabama.  We had summer, cooler summer, 2 weeks of "winter" (lows in the 40's) and then back to summer.  Praise the Lord for seasons!  Here are some photos of all things AUTUMN!

Trees in our neighborhood

Can't get enough!

Harper LOVING the leaves

Reese is pretty happy with the leaves too

Happy Girls

Not so sure about laying down in the leaves

Posing- do you think she has her picture taken often?

Oh, the faces

Most Perfect Pumpkin!

Chad picked out this fairy tale-esque pumpkin and I'm officially in love with it.

What's autumn without apple cider?  I'm not domestic enough to make my own.

Happy Autumn to you all!

Friday, October 30, 2009

O You! (No, not OU)

As some of you may know, I am an AVID Oprah watcher.  Many afternoons in college were spent snuggled up in my dear friend Nelly's bed to watch Oprah.  Memories.  Well, last weekend I had the absolute JOY of working at an O Magazine event in Kansas City.  Several of our Young Life leaders were going and they were kind enough to let me tag along!  My favorite husband was also kind enough to have the tots all weekend (with a bit of help from Gram and Papa!).  It was a LONG day, but totally fun.  Also, Oprah pays pretty well for menial jobs.

It was a conference where several contributors to O Magazine were holding seminars.  All of the heavy hitters like Dr. Oz, Nate Berkus, and Suze Orman (I love JACKETS!) were there, as well as some of MY Oprah show faves (Stacy London, Peter Walsh, Donna Brazilia, Jim Karas, etc.).  Gayle King gave the opening address and was on hand ALL day doing Oprah Radio coverage.  I was totally star struck!  I definitely had one of the best jobs as well.  I was an Assistant Stage Manager (or Assistant TO the Stage Manager, really).  I was in seminar room #1 and was basically there to make sure the contributors had everything they needed, the right people were in the right seminar, etc.  My favorite part was that I got to wear a SWEET earpiece walkie-talkie.  I know, I'm a nerd.  Here are a few iPhone photos of the day.

Sydney and I were GIDDY!

My seminar room

Can you make out my earpiece?  Ha!

The inside of my seminar room- it was in the round!

Cutie Nate

Dr. Oz

Gayle and Suze Orman at a distance
 They were on the radio at this moment.

Stacy London
She was my FAVE!  She was one of the most genuinely nice people.  I also LOVED Peter Walsh!  I wanted to take notes during his seminar.

Ok, so that's all of the celeb sightings for now.  It was such a fun weekend and I just KNOW that I made Oprah proud.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Working at Bob

So when we first moved here to Manhattan, KS, I guess Harper was a little bit confused.  She kept referring to our HOUSE as Kansas.  She was out with her Gram and Nan and she said, "I think my mom wants me to come back to Kansas now."  She didn't understand the concept of Kansas being EVERYWHERE.  So, to make it a little bit more understandable, we decided to give our house a name.  We named it Bob.  Harper often makes comments about things that happened at Bob or the fact that mommy works at Bob.  It's great.  So here are just a few shots of us and what we do around Bob!  Enjoy!

We eat healthy

We keep things tidy

We play so well together

We lounge

We look super cute in pigtails

We melt mom with our sweet eyes

We strike a pose

We have "school" time

We support the Sooners

We practice winking

We have lots of happy moments . . .

 . . . and a few sad moments

We have injuries

We LOVE each other to bits!!!

Come visit us in Manhattan and you too can join in on all of our fun!  Side note- we officially entered into modern times and got the internet at our house!  Hooray.  You should expect blog updates galore now!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

They Missed Me, They Really Missed Me!

Wow, I have had some requests (harassments) to return to the blogging world.  I can't believe you guys really missed this little patch of Green life.  I will say that living in a world of 3 children, 3 dogs, a BUSY husband, and NO internet makes this a tiny bit of a chore.  I will add that it is like one of those chores that you sort of enjoy though.  Example:  I enjoy organizing my kid's clothes.  Strange?  Yes!

Anyhow, I almost don't even know where to begin, so I'll just start with last weekend and hopefully post some of the things you have missed (Harper's B-day, YL stuff, my Favorite Things, books I'm reading, etc.) as I get around it it.

So, last weekend we tossed our kids to the wind (ahem, Gram and Papa's house in Tulsa) and went on our merry way to Norman, OK- home of the University of Oklahoma (commence Boomer Sooner sing-a-long).  It was my birthday gift to Chad (he's 30 now) and it was SO great.  We stayed with dear friends Gerod and Kerri Grigor and had SUCH a wonderful time.  We ate (a lot), laughed (a lot), slept in (until 8:45!), cheered for OU, watched TLC, and enjoyed the time with wonderful company.  It was the PERFECT kid-free weekend.

The Grigors, Greens, and Partridges

Apparently Santa is a Sooner

My First OU Game . . . Seriously.

They crowd-surfed (I know that's not a verb) this mascot (which I think resembles a unicorn) from the bottom of the student section all the way up to the president's box.  It. Was. Rad.

Goooooooooo Wagons!
(Liz, that's for you)

Chad and sweet Gracie Grigor

**And just for fun, I'll include some pics of the CUTEST kids in all the land- MINE!  They spent the weekend being spoiled at Camp Grandma (by Chad's mom and my mom!) and pictures of their antics will be coming soon.  Enjoy!

Gracie's future husband!

The Whole Cute Gang