Thursday, April 29, 2010


If you read this post, then you know that our life is currently in a whirlwind season!  I feel like I have not even had time to catch my breath.  In the midst of it all, our family experienced the sadness of death one more time.  While I was in Orlando at a wedding, Chad called to tell me that my Granddaddy had passed away.  I wasn't shocked (because his health had been failing), but I was still profoundly saddened.  Because of the timing (I returned to Kansas on Monday, met Chad at the airport, exchanged luggage, and he flew to Atlanta that night), I knew I couldn't possibly make it to Memphis.  Me, three tots, and a 10 hour drive just didn't compute.  Anyhow, my sister spoke on behalf of us both- we were his favorite granddaughters (and only granddaughters).  I just wanted to pay tribute to my dear Granddaddy here as well.  Here are a few pics and the words Liz read at the funeral.

April 2005

July 2007

December 2007

July 2008

Our Granddaddy
There has never been a bigger supporter and encourager than our dear Granddaddy.  He was very easily, our number one fan.  His pride swelled whether we were cheering our hearts out at a sporting event, or singing at the tops of our lungs in a drama production.  He had a way of making us feel like the most accomplished kids in school.

Through countless Grandparent Day functions, holiday meals, or our wild antics jumping on their bed, our Grandmother and Granddaddy loved us unabashedly.  We knew that Granddaddy was going to brag about us extensively to his church friends and anyone else who would listen, so we felt as if we had a standard to uphold.  Who would want to disappoint Granddaddy?  This total admiration easily molded us into the granddaughters, daughters, sisters, and mothers that we are today.  Granddaddy’s love for and delight in his grandchildren’s lives is a trait that will span generations in our family.  Already, our parents dote on their grandchildren and it will only seem fitting for us to do the same.  Granddaddy’s example of delight and esteem is one we can all aspire to.  Jesus told the disciples, By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”  (John 13:35)  Our Granddaddy was clearly a disciple of Christ, as evidenced by his immense love for us, as well as so many others.  

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

One Year Ago Today . . .

We were at the most glorious golf course on Earth!  Granted, I was about 7 months pregnant and there was a lot of walking involved.  It was still a fabulous day and I LOVED my shining moment at Augusta.  The guys were kind enough to indulge me and my pimento cheese sandwich eating, picture clicking, and obsession with spotting golfer wives.  All in all, I loved our experience at the practice round/Par 3 contest of the Masters.  What a fun memory!

**I'm kind of a little bit happy he's coming back- is that bad?

So long Augusta.  Maybe we will meet again someday!

**PS- all of these pics were taken with my little point-and-shoot.  It just goes to show that the beauty of Augusta can not be denied!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

To Reese, on her Birthday

From day one, you made our lives so much more complete.  You were the perfect addition to our little family!  Everyone was smitten with you, even if you were extremely jaundice.  You were quiet, loved to sleep, and all-around easy to care for.  Harper adored you and always wanted to help give you a paci and hold you.

We definitely knew you were going to be your own little person.  We could tell that you would be a bit more quiet and shy- which still holds true today!  You LOVE to laugh- especially at your dad and your sister.  Many mornings we wake up to the sound of you laughing at Harper.

You were born with a head full of hair and a passion for thumb-sucking.  You still suck your thumb and hold onto your "lovie" to fall asleep.  You are also quite the champion sleeper!

Although your siblings look 100% like your dad, you have a slight resemblance to your mom's baby pictures.  You are definitely a chunky monkey, weighing in the 85th percentile for your age!

We would say that you smile about 96% of the time.  You LOVE to snuggle.  Everyday when your dad comes home, you greet him at the door and then demand some cuddle time in his big leather chair.  It is just a daily requirement!

You LOVE to eat.  Whether it's a cupcake or green beans, you will gladly consume it.  I mean, you don't make it to the 85th percentile by eating nothing!

You've always been pretty laid back, but you are starting to hold your own and stand up for yourself- especially when it comes to Harper stealing your toys!  You're screeching sound usually alerts us to this infraction.

You are DEFINITELY infatuated with babies- particularly your little brother Cash.  No matter where we are, you can spot a baby.  You are quite a good little caregiver!

You are definitely a little ham who enjoys entertaining people.  If you get a good laugh out of anyone, you seem pretty satisfied.

You've experienced a lot in your two little years, and we always say we feel like you've been around much longer than that.  You bring us SO much joy and you easily light up a room.  We love you, little Reesey.  God blessed us beyond belief on April 6th, 2008.

Happy Birthday Reese!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Birthday Party Preview

Our little ladybug turned two! I wanted to post a few pics of today's festivities to whet your appetite. We are having an amazing weekend with grandparents, friends, YL leaders, ladybugs, candy, cake, Easter, and so much more! I had SO much fun planning this party and I will share all of the details later. Here are just a few shots of our sweet little ladybug!
Our sweet ladybug!
Some of the spread
Sweets / Dessert Bar

LOVING her little ladybug cake

Such a lovely day!

I promise I'll show more cute pics and details soon.  Happy Easter!