Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ships Passing in the Night

Hello old friend.  I have NOT forgotten about you all.  Our life is completely crazed at the moment, and will continue to be over the next several weeks.  I have several planned posts, just no time to execute them. Why, you may ask?  Here's our life, in a nutshell:

March 1-4: Everyone in Memphis
March 5-7: Sarah in Houston (pics and a post will be coming soon!)
March 13-21: Chad in Guatemala with YL leaders
March 27: Manhattan YL 5K fundraiser
April 2-4: Our families are here for Reese's Birthday weekend!
April 9-12: Sarah in Orlando for Laura Brost's wedding!
April 12-16: Chad in Atlanta for Assigned Team Training
April 22-25: Chad and Sarah at Regional Retreat in Oklahoma
April 30-May 2: Chad and Sarah MIGHT be in NYC for YL conference
May 16-21: Chad at Frontier Ranch Work Week
May 20-23: Sarah in Memphis for Rachael Garner's wedding!
June 18-July 18: Green family at Crooked Creek Ranch for assignment!

Phew!  I get tired just looking at that.  Please bear with us as we attempt to be everywhere all at once.

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