Saturday, June 20, 2009

Why We Love Our Dad

Hey guys! It's Harper and Reese here. We speak on behalf of Cash too. Since Father's Day is tomorrow and our daddy is off on a wild west adventure, we just wanted EVERYONE to know why our dad is just the best. In David Letterman style- here are our Top 10 reasons.

1. He takes us on special father/daughter days to the movies and Chuck-E-Cheese and to eat pancakes and other fun stuff.

2. He plays his guitar for us and we dance and play and love it.

3. He is the BEST gift giver. He gives us things like watches and zebras and harmonicas and pink monkeys.

4. He loves our mommy- even when she is pregnant and crazy. He must REALLY love her.

5. He works hard to make sure we have a soft bed to sleep in, a roof over our heads, and all the Yankees hats we could ever want.

6. He loves Jesus and works hard so that all the high school kids we know will love Jesus too.

7. He does a GREAT Elmo voice that makes us giggle.

8. He does a wonderful job of fixing our hair and even putting bows in it. Not EVERY daddy has that talent- you know!

9. He wakes us up and gets us ready every morning while mommy is getting ready for work. Not EVERY daddy has that talent either.

10. He loves us UNCONDITIONALLY. Through our tantrums and tears, through our giggles and grins- he shows us love EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Here are some pictures of us with our daddy, in case you forgot how cute we were.

Chad and Harper at the glorious University of Oklahoma
December 2006

Swinging Harper in the front yard
February 2007

Holding newborn Reese
April 2008

Holding newborn Harper
September 2006

Chad and Reese at the Smith's farm
April 2008

Silly Faces at E.A. Prom
May 2009

Chad and ALL of his girls
August 2008

Dad and his little girls
August 2008

We love you Daddy! Happy Father's Day!

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