Friday, June 26, 2009

They're Coming . . . . . .

Nan, Harper, and Gram
April, 2009

Harper and Reese, brace yourselves. The Grands are coming! We are in preparation for a VERY big week around here. Harper knows that her Nan and Liz, and Gram and Papa are heading down tomorrow and she can hardly sleep. She is anticipating trips to Target, chocolate milk, and tons of fun. Reese is excited to get to know her Aunt Liz a bit better, seeing that she last saw her in NOVEMBER!

We can't wait for the Laughlin family to stop in, Pops to join us next weekend, and maybe even a few more visitors (ahem, Wilsons, Mr. Corn, etc.). Everyone will be anxiously awaiting Cash's debut on Monday, and he will come home to a house full of fun. Hurry on down everyone!

1 comment:

  1. TODAY IS THE DAY!!! I can't wait for Cash to be here!!!! Then Cash and Rivers can start their band "Cash River" or "Rivers flow like Cash".. Whatever they want to call it. They will be living out our dream.