Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer So Far

Yeah, yeah, yeah- two posts in one day.  No, this will NOT  be the norm.  It just so happens that I unloaded my camera (finally) and realized that we have been pretty active this summer and now have visual proof.  I know my mom and dad are probably the only ones who will REALLY love this post, but here are a few pics of our Summer 2K9 thus far.

Young Life Southeast Regional Beach Getaway

Harper thought the waves were "loud"

Both of the girls enjoyed playing in the sand, although Reese probably ingested more than she bargained for.

Reesey was happy just watching.  She's pretty chill.

I just LOVE this photo!

Chad was the OFFICIAL Commencement Speaker for Escambia Academy's graduation.  He did a fantastic job and looked dashing in his seersucker.  Yep, they hold graduation on their football field and you can hear roosters crowing in the background- classic!

Nan and Pops were near Biloxi for a wedding, so we met them in Mobile for a fun day of sassy Claire's accessories and the carousel.  Harper was in heaven, of course.

The sweetest sisters on the block.

SO, there you have it.  We've really only just begun the summer, so there will be much more to come.  Enjoy.


  1. I can't speak for mom but dad loves the post.

  2. ahh!! that picture of harper on the beach with her rosy cheeks is too cute! and the one of reese sucking her thumb looks just like YOU! too cute!!