Thursday, June 11, 2009

What am I doing?

Well, as if our life wasn't CRAZY enough right now, I thought I'd just go right ahead and add to the chaos.  Not only are we expecting a baby boy, trying to sell our house, looking for a job (for me), preparing to move across the country, AND enjoying the summer with 2 little girls . . . BUT, now I'm starting a blog.  

Yes, I'm an avid blog stalker so I suppose it's only right that I now have my own.  For those of you who visit our website and wonder, "Why in the world would the Greens choose to start a blog when they NEVER even update their stinkin website?"  Well, we will be bidding adieu to our website soon, so this blog will now be our way to show off our
 kids and keep you guys informed on our Green life.

Anyhow, I promise to do my best to put up pics and learn the ropes of this blogging world.  Hopefully I'll even convince my sis to update HER blog in the process.  SO, I'll leave you with this exciting picture of my HUGE belly.  Lord (and doctor) willing, baby Cash will be here by June 29.  in this 94 degree weather, it can't come soon enough!


  1. Love it! You are way too cute. I was thinking, it's REALLY sad, but I was thinking I can't wait to meet Cash....well, I haven't even met Reese!! Boo!