Friday, June 19, 2009

Dearest Dad

Since Father's Day is Sunday, I thought I would dedicate this blog to my dear dad- Bill Bryan. Since having grandchildren, he is now affectionately known as Pops.

I know I am probably a LITTLE bit partial, but I'm pretty sure that my dad is the best dad in the world. Not only did he survive living in a house full of women, but he provided (and still does) the services of a handyman, a coach, a counselor, a driver's ed teacher, a referee, and much more. He put up with nose rings, running late, strange boyfriends (my sister's), numerous wrecks/tickets (mine), and he still loved us unconditionally.

Some of my fondest memories are of the Father/Daughter trips that my dad took Liz and I on during our formative years. We went camping, canoeing, biking, hiking, ropes-coursing, skiing, and loved every minute of it. He instilled a spirit of adventure, confidence, and independence in me that makes me the woman I am today. He has been the portrait of a loving father that I know my husband strives to emulate.

Here are some photos that capture the essence of Pops. Some were scanned, mind you- sorry about the quality!

Father's Day 1990
Liz and I look thrilled and my dad has on some SWEET shorts

Rocky Mountain National Park- 2000

Destin, Florida- 2002

My wedding day- 2004

Harper and Pops- 2008

Dad, you are a Godly man who has taught me more than you could EVER imagine. You are the best Pops a girl could have. I love you up to the moon! Happy Father's Day!


  1. you win. i have tears. dad is the best..for sure.

    ps...not only are those some sweet shorts, but a nice v neck undershirt compliments the outfit!

  2. I cannot believe that you put a photoshopped photo of me in "Those Shorts" to make me look bad. After all the nice things you had to say.

    I want to echo a lot of the things that you said. You and Liz (not to leave out God) have also had a hand in shaping me, as I have you. Sandpaper can be abrasive and in the wrong hands or used inappropriately in can damage or ruin. But applied properly it smooths and finishes. God has used each of us to take the sharp edges off and smooth the rough spots. It has been a great adventure and it is not over yet. I love you to the moon. Pops

  3. Thanks for that spirit of "independence" you instilled Bill.