Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Breeze Makes Me Feel Fine

I have 3 full days to have my entire life in order.  Ok, so maybe that's kind of drastic, but as you may remember, we are preparing to embark on our Colorado adventure!  Being gone for an entire month is SO wonderful, but requires extensive preparation . . . multiplied by 5.  As you can see, our girls are ready for Crooked Creek.

Since I should be making lists and packing right now, I will simply give you a photo montage of our summer adventures thus far.  There is so much more to come!

We went to Memphis for Rachael's wedding (where I didn't take a single pic- ugh!).  The kiddos had TONS of fun in Nan's freezing pool and playing with their cousins.  We've got 6 kiddos all age 4 or younger in that pic- whoa.

We also had a visit from our dear friends the Grigors.  They made the trek to Manhattan with Baby Gracie and we had such a fun weekend!  Grace decided to help me wake Cash from his nap- I like the one where Grace is touching Cash's bum!  We also took the Grigors to our splash park and the tots enjoyed mere seconds of the freezing water.

This past weekend, I took a scenic drive to Wichita to visit my college friend Nelly and pick up another college friend Ashley from the airport.  What a glorious reunion!  But seriously, isn't Kansas prettier than you expected?!

Keeper of the Plains- ask Kristin Neely for a full explanation.

Harper likes to hang out in Best Buy and watch a 3D movie.  Am I a good mom, or what?

When it's not raining, we have spent some quality time at the park.  Cash LOVES the swings!

These girls LOVE to show off their dance moves.  They may not be too coordinated (ahem, Reese), but they sure do look cute trying!

Oh my.  Are words necessary?  LOVE this little guy.


  1. I have been awaiting an update on your blog and was excited to see the summer pics! Hilarious of Harper at Best Buy!

    I'll keep looking to see if you are able to post when you are at Crooked Creek!

  2. I really think Cash is the cutest baby I've ever seen! that face is so precious! hope ya'll have fun in CO!