Friday, January 1, 2010

Lots of News!

No, I don't mean news as in "Extra!  Extra!  Read all about it!"  I mean news like, there are several NEW things happening in the Green House.  As we begin a NEW year, here are a few of our "news".

First off, my dear husband has started a NEW blog!  He caught the fever folks.  After "fellowshipping" with a few of my wonderful high school friends, Chad was inspired to become an avid blogger.  He had a brief blogging stint a year ago, and now he is back people.  Check out Chad's blog, "It's Green Here".  I have a feeling you'll love it.

Another major event happened two nights ago when Harper and Reese slept in their NEW beds!  Chad's parents came to visit for a couple of days and they delivered some oh-so-cute beds that they found at an auction.  It was time for Reese to bite the bullet and sleep in a big girl bed.  She transitioned like a CHAMP!  Other than a minor incident where she fell off of the bookshelf in between the beds, she has really surprised us with her big girl-ness.  Of course, I have photos to document the event!

MAJOR thanks to the Laughlins for the CUTE bedding!

She wakes up happy in her big-girl bed!

A little groggy, but happy nonetheless!

She just does whatever her big sister does

One more thing that the girls are excited about is their NEW dress-up drawer!  Thanks to Aunt Liz for some super fun dress-up jewels and Santa for some cute little tutus.  The dress-up drawer has provided tons of fun already!

LOTS of pink and purple!

Reesey LOVES her new jewels!

Oh la la!  Look at those amazing rings!

Well, that's just a peek at a few NEW things around here.  There will be a MAJOR Christmas update with LOADS of pictures coming soon, so stay tuned.  Until then, Happy News Year!


  1. Look at those sweet little girls! I love the new beds, too cute.

  2. i love their wake up hair! sarah ann told me this morning that she misses her cousin harper.

  3. man! they are so precious! their little room is so so cute...i love it!