Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Nan!

Sarah Ann, Nan, and Harper
September 2008

Today is my fabulous mother's birthday.  In all of the chaos that is our life (have I mentioned that my Christmas decor is still up?), I neglected to send her a birthday card.  SO, what's the next best thing?  Well a blog tribute, of course!  Doesn't everyone think that THEY have the best mom in the world?  Well, unfortunately that's not true.  My mom is LITERALLY the BEST in the entire world.  I only hope that I can be 1/2 as good of a mom!  Anyhow, here are my thoughts on Nan.

December 2009

Nan/Moom/Nancy is pure joy and fun.  Anyone who has encountered Nancy B. knows what I'm talking about here.  She is FULL of life and loves to share her excitement with everyone she meets- even strangers.  If you have sat next to her on an airplane, you know this first-hand.  In all honesty, the woman makes a new BFF wherever she goes.  She has that genuine kindness that puts people at ease, thus making it easy for them to talk/listen to my mom.  I LOVE that about her.

September 2009

She is also the consummate hostess and has taught me EVERYTHING I know about throwing parties or having guests over.  Where most people stress out, Nan thrives in these situations.  Over Christmas I told her that I wanted to have a few of my friends over for a little get together.  The next thing I knew, Nan had whipped up a full-out party spread (mini ham sandwiches, chips and dip, veggie tray, home-made chocolate candies, snickerdoodles, chex mix, and more) and made it look effortless.  She knows how to put together a soiree, and I LOVE that about her.

April 2009

One more thing that my mom does best is give of herself.  She WILL in fact give you the shirt off of her back.  She grew up with little, has been blessed with much, and now gives generously!  Liz and I never wanted for much (and still don't) thanks to my dear mom (and dad, of course).  She also gives her time, which is SO valuable.  She is constantly organizing a baby shower, co-ordianating a wedding, taking photos for someone, baking a dessert for an event, or making a meal for something.  She never complains, which is the sure sign of a true giver.  I really LOVE that about her.

December 2009

Ok, so now that I've reduced myself to tears (Liz, get ahold of yourself too), I will say:


We love you to the moon and can't wait to celebrate many more birthdays with YOU!  You bless us beyond belief!

December 2009


  1. Awww, i love your mom, too!! The Holiday Fellowship Get Together was great!! Happy Birthday, Mrs. B!!

  2. Amen!! Happy Birthday Nan! Not only are you hot with your tiny self, but you are so sweet and always make me feel at home. Love you!

  3. I'll have to admit, I teared up a bit myself. Happy birthday, Mrs. B. We love you!

  4. Happy Birthday Nan!! I'm not quite as eloquent as Sarah, but I agree with everything she said. You're the best mom and I love you very much!

  5. aww. happy birthday mrs. b! hope to see you soon. you too, surbee!