Saturday, January 2, 2010

Now and Then

As I was sitting inside our house today wearing flannel PJs, a sweatshirt, a hat, and a blanket, I came to the realization that our life is WAY different than it was one year ago.  I decided to document the major difference.  Let's all take a look . . .

NOW- those little dots on Saturday and Wednesday are the icon for SNOW, people.  Whoa.  That big 0 on Thursday is also really staring me in the face.

THEN-The crazy part is that I would have (along with most South Alabamians) considered THIS to be a pretty cold week in Atmore.  Little did I know we were moving to the arctic tundra!

SO, as I type this, snow is steadily falling outside.  It's beautiful.  Did I mention that there is still snow on the ground from LAST week?  I LOVE IT!  I am so thrilled that the Lord blessed us with SO many things over the past year.  We added a boy to our brood, we moved across the country, we have met a SLEW of amazing people, and we have all been healthy.  What more could I want?  Do I miss our friends (YL, church, work, etc.) in Atmore?  Of course!  Will I be BEGGING for Atmore temps come March?  Probably.  Am I thrilled beyond belief that God put us here in Manhattan?  ABSOLUTELY!  What a difference a year makes.

**Thank you, iphone, for providing these visual images.


  1. Sweet Mary, that is cold! It's pretty cold in BHM today (20-30ish deg) but I don't think we could handle those iPhone screenshots.

  2. wow very cold. I though NYC was cold at 25! Dang Girl! Get your mattress heated on!

  3. brrr...but if it makes you feel better it's 21 here and supposed to stay this way all week. we also have little dots of snow for today and wednesday. who knows why they put those on the forecast? i don't think i could handle the big zero though.