Thursday, October 29, 2009

Working at Bob

So when we first moved here to Manhattan, KS, I guess Harper was a little bit confused.  She kept referring to our HOUSE as Kansas.  She was out with her Gram and Nan and she said, "I think my mom wants me to come back to Kansas now."  She didn't understand the concept of Kansas being EVERYWHERE.  So, to make it a little bit more understandable, we decided to give our house a name.  We named it Bob.  Harper often makes comments about things that happened at Bob or the fact that mommy works at Bob.  It's great.  So here are just a few shots of us and what we do around Bob!  Enjoy!

We eat healthy

We keep things tidy

We play so well together

We lounge

We look super cute in pigtails

We melt mom with our sweet eyes

We strike a pose

We have "school" time

We support the Sooners

We practice winking

We have lots of happy moments . . .

 . . . and a few sad moments

We have injuries

We LOVE each other to bits!!!

Come visit us in Manhattan and you too can join in on all of our fun!  Side note- we officially entered into modern times and got the internet at our house!  Hooray.  You should expect blog updates galore now!



  1. So glad it's up and running again! The little ones are so cute! We need to have a reunion sometime soon.
    P.S. I love the hootie hoo shirt!!

    Katie Goss

  2. My little Green bunch are SO SO CUTE!!! I love the pics and the update.
    Nan in MEM

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics!! Reese is KILLING me! So cute!

  4. Can't believe how grown up Harper looks in the "school" pict! When did she become a teenager??

  5. gram and papa want to say thank you to the special mommy behind the camera for all she does! your the BEST Sarah!

  6. Oh my! They are so cute! I love Reesey in the Ciao Bella t-shirt from Italy (it so suits her!) and Harper looks just like Katie in the "school time" pic!
    Can't wait to see you!!
    Aunt Vicki

  7. btw..the outfit that cash is wearing in the lounge picture is what thomas wore during the first weeks at it. can't wait for CHRISTMAS!! Insanity!!!