Saturday, October 31, 2009

Little Apple Autumn

In case you did not know anything, Manhattan (Kansas) is nicknamed the "Little Apple".  Cute, right?  So we have been LOVING autumn here.  The weather has been crisp, the trees have been every gorgeous fall color, and who doesn't love having pumpkins all around to decorate?  This is something we really never experienced in lower Alabama.  We had summer, cooler summer, 2 weeks of "winter" (lows in the 40's) and then back to summer.  Praise the Lord for seasons!  Here are some photos of all things AUTUMN!

Trees in our neighborhood

Can't get enough!

Harper LOVING the leaves

Reese is pretty happy with the leaves too

Happy Girls

Not so sure about laying down in the leaves

Posing- do you think she has her picture taken often?

Oh, the faces

Most Perfect Pumpkin!

Chad picked out this fairy tale-esque pumpkin and I'm officially in love with it.

What's autumn without apple cider?  I'm not domestic enough to make my own.

Happy Autumn to you all!


  1. Sarah Ann says, "Oh, look at their pumpkin! Oh, now it's decaving..."

  2. Who taught those girls how to take such cute pics...LOVE THE LEAF PICS...NAN