Tuesday, October 13, 2009

They Missed Me, They Really Missed Me!

Wow, I have had some requests (harassments) to return to the blogging world.  I can't believe you guys really missed this little patch of Green life.  I will say that living in a world of 3 children, 3 dogs, a BUSY husband, and NO internet makes this a tiny bit of a chore.  I will add that it is like one of those chores that you sort of enjoy though.  Example:  I enjoy organizing my kid's clothes.  Strange?  Yes!

Anyhow, I almost don't even know where to begin, so I'll just start with last weekend and hopefully post some of the things you have missed (Harper's B-day, YL stuff, my Favorite Things, books I'm reading, etc.) as I get around it it.

So, last weekend we tossed our kids to the wind (ahem, Gram and Papa's house in Tulsa) and went on our merry way to Norman, OK- home of the University of Oklahoma (commence Boomer Sooner sing-a-long).  It was my birthday gift to Chad (he's 30 now) and it was SO great.  We stayed with dear friends Gerod and Kerri Grigor and had SUCH a wonderful time.  We ate (a lot), laughed (a lot), slept in (until 8:45!), cheered for OU, watched TLC, and enjoyed the time with wonderful company.  It was the PERFECT kid-free weekend.

The Grigors, Greens, and Partridges

Apparently Santa is a Sooner

My First OU Game . . . Seriously.

They crowd-surfed (I know that's not a verb) this mascot (which I think resembles a unicorn) from the bottom of the student section all the way up to the president's box.  It. Was. Rad.

Goooooooooo Wagons!
(Liz, that's for you)

Chad and sweet Gracie Grigor

**And just for fun, I'll include some pics of the CUTEST kids in all the land- MINE!  They spent the weekend being spoiled at Camp Grandma (by Chad's mom and my mom!) and pictures of their antics will be coming soon.  Enjoy!

Gracie's future husband!

The Whole Cute Gang


  1. Oh good. We've missed seeing you (and the kids) (and Chad) on here! Cash really looks like Chad, I think.

  2. YES!!!!!!!

    PS - did chad see the Boomer Sooner rap video??


  3. Those three are amazingly cute. Since Cash and Jackson are boys, we are putting our bid in for cutie Reese as the future Mrs. Jackson Harden. We can have a reverse-dowry. Miss you guys. Ready to see the expanded Green family!

  4. Wheww, glad you are back. And you are correct, those are the cutest Green kids I've ever seen! Cash is more and more handsome every time I see a new picture. Can't wait to meet him.....and Reese (I'm embarrassed I haven't met her yet).