Monday, July 20, 2009

Jerry's Sno Cones and Carwash

I remember my first trip to Jerry's with our entire English class. Coach Collums had told us tales about this fine establishment all year long. In the spring, we ventured to Jerry's and had an adventure.

This weekend was definitely a sad one for the E.C.S. faculty, students, and alumni. A WONDERFUL teacher, an admirable Headmaster, and an all around great man suddenly passed away. Coach Collums was an absolute INSPIRATION. Whether he was playing Simon and Garfunkel records for us, standing on a desk with his pant leg pulled up, coaching our 9th grade basketball team, or taking us on a field trip to Jerry's Sno Cone and Carwash, he did EVERYTHING with passion, integrity, creativity, and love.

He is "that teacher" for me. You know how you can just think of that one teacher who kind of changed your life in some way? He is the one teacher that impacted my high school experience in such a way that I still have some of the writings that I did in his class. I still remember the crackly sound of his record player. I can still recall his enthusiasm and intensity, but his gentleness as well.

I recently wrote in a letter to a potential employer that this certain teacher that I had in highschool really shaped and inspired some of my teaching practices. I only hope that I can do the same for my students, and that I exude the passion for education that Coach Collums exhibited.

Simon and Garfunkel
"Never Say Goodbye"

We share the days of laughter
We share the nights of sorrow
And in the morning after
We face the bright tomorrow
Side by side we'll always stand
Spirits flying high
Long as I can hold your hand
We'll never say goodbye.

We walk the halls of learning
And serve a proud tradition
The flame of truth is burning
To clarify our vision
Look at how the future gleams
Gold against the sky!
Long as I can share your dreams
We'll never say goodbye


  1. That's a nice tribute to him. He was the reason I was able to make it though a year of Latin. Definitely an incredible teacher and will be greatly missed.

  2. thanks surbee! great tribute. i experienced every single memory you mentioned about him in my years at ecs too.

    he was one of few coaches who actually taught.